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meFrankie J. Weinberg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management &
Dean Henry J. Engler, Jr. Distinguished Professor

College of Business
Loyola University New Orleans
6363 St. Charles Ave., Box 15
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
e-mail: frankie@frankieweinberg.com
web: http://www.frankieweinberg.com

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Recent Updates

ACCEPTED ASSOCIATE EDITOR POSITION at the Journal of Managerial Psychology.

INVITED TO SUBMIT A WHITE PAPER TO THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE MODERNIZATION OF CONGRESS (U.S. CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE), providing a concise authoritative report to inform the members on the state of the science regarding improved rules and procedures, leadership development, staff recruitment and diversity, and technology and innovation. This paper considers the complexities of modern-day organizing and provides suggestions intended to help committee members make an informed decision as they pursue congressional reform.

ELECTED BOARD MEMBER TO THE SOUTHERN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (2018-2021 term). Chair, Registration Committee (2019-2020). Chair, Membership Engagement Committee (2020-2021). southernmanagement.org




Dr. Frankie Weinberg holds the Dean Henry J. Engler, Jr. Distinguished Professorship at Loyola University’s College of Business. He founded Leading Consultation International (LCI), is an elected Board Member of the Southern Management Association, Associate Editor at the
Journal of Managerial Psychology and Regional Co-Director/New Orleans Chapter Leader for the Scholars Strategy Network. A certified firefighter, certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and forthcoming certified Whole Person Coach,Dr. Weinberg completed his Ph.D. in Management with a minor in psychology at the University of Georgia where he also earned a certificate specializing in adult learning. He also holds an M.B.A. and a Certificate of Leadership Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a B.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Loyola University in Maryland.

Dr. Weinberg’s areas of expertise include leadership; cohesion-building; designing, implementing, and analyzing mentoring and coaching programs and learning cultures; maximizing the benefits of workplace diversity; leveraging social networks; improving teamwork and decision-making processes; and criteria development for assessment. He has lent advice to executives, administrators, and board members at several global organizations, including the White House Office of Budget and Management; the Select Committee for the Modernization of Congress; the Council of Chief Judges of the U.S. State Intermediate Courts of Appeal; Booz Allen Hamilton; RAMTeCH corporation; the SPCA; capital projects leadership teams at Cleveland Clinic and Akron General Hospital; the executive team at the University of Georgia’s facilities management; the NOPD, and the New Orleans Office of Performance and Accountability.

An active member of the Academy of Management, the Southern Management Association (SMA), the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), INGRoup teams research network, and Qualified Management Network (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg has authored dozens of papers accepted for publication and presentation and earned awards for his research and quality of service. He led and continues to advise the leaders of SMA’s Pre-Doctoral Student Consortium, and also serves a continuing role as formal research mentor for the Network of Leadership Scholars. His research, published in the Journal of Management, The Leadership Quarterly, Communication Research, Group & Organization Management,and other high quality journals, has earned several accolades: His social networks research is featured as a best practice in data collection and preparation in Organizational Research Methods, his article on the social construction of lone wolfism was elected the Article of the Year in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and his mentoring research was awarded Highly Commended status by the Emerald Literati Network. He is currently writing a forthcoming book on mentorship. His ongoing involvement in these research projects and communities enables Dr. Weinberg to produce cutting-edge solutions to meet contemporary business management and leadership development needs.

Dr. Weinberg has established a global consulting, teaching, & speaking repertoire including executive, professional, classroom, and experiential engagements on four continents with earned university teaching evaluations averaging 4.7 on a five-point scale. He has taught at the University of Georgia, Singapore Institute of Management, The Cyprus International Institute of Management, the University of Silesia in Poland, and at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand. He designs and conducts workshopsand developmental sessions specialized to meet the needs of his clients, and his coaching centers on empowering clients to bring forth their authentic self and positioning them to take the lead on their continuing development. Previous workshop topics include leadership development; developing and leveraging a learning and mentoring culture; 360-degree solutions; creating & managing high performance teams; conflict management; strengthening & renewing organizational culture; leveraging diversity;professional communications; human resource processes, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and engaging intrapreneurial innovation. Through LCI’s global network of management experts (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg connects organizations and individuals with the right experts to suit their managerial, analytical, developmental, & coaching needs.