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On this page, you’ll find a small collection of my favorite photos from over the years. With the exception of the few photos in which I appear, these are all photos that I’ve had the pleasure to personally capture throughout some of my travels. Enjoy!


USA – An early-morning swim with the wild spinner dolphins off the Kona coast

USA – My dog Lola, donning a bow handmade for her by our neighbor, Christa Schumacher

USA – A butterfly approaches a flowering plant in Seattle, WA

USA – Some of autumn’s brilliant colors on display at Baugher’s Farm in Maryland

USA – Returning to my hometown of Baltimore, MD, I was pleased to find that one of my favorite little hideaways remained unchanged and beautiful in the autumn

USA – I like the ripple effect I caught on this small lake in a Charleston, SC park

USA – Visiting the Grand Canyon, I had the opportunity to take in a view that only approximately 2% of all visitors get – a clear view of the layered canyon walls, covered in a dusting of snow


Thailand – The famous reclining Buddha image at Bangkok’s Wat Po

Thailand – A monk’s simple dwelling at a temple outside of the beach town of Krabi

Thailand – The moon’s reflection off of the blue waters as seen from a boat off the coast of Koh Samui

Thailand – A freshwater lake inside a beautiful national nature preserve island near Koh Samui

Thailand – Monks and temple children collect alms as the island of Koh Samet wakes up

Thailand – Two men paddle their boat back to shore as evening approaches Koh Tao

Thailand – A lotus blossom in full bloom in Kanchanaburi, near the border with Myanmar (Burma)

Thailand – Kanchanaburi was one of my favorite of Thailand’s provinces … a short bus trip from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is home to the famous River Kwai, and the less famous, but notable 7-tier Erawan Waterfall. This guesthouse, where I stayed, is right on the river, and is, of course, equipped with plenty of mosquito netting.

Thailand – Northeast Thailand is a fertile, mostly rural area. Here, this old temple is located among some lush rice paddies.

Thailand – These monkeys were kind enough to all line up on the stairs for me as I snapped this photo. Note how the nearest monkey has a baby latched onto her underbelly.

Thailand – Just another day at one of the nation’s infamous floating markets

Thailand – Siam’s ancient capital of Ayutthaya allows visitors to witness the former era’s unique architecture in what remains of the many formerly grand buildings, sacked time and again by the invading Burmese armies

Thailand – I’ve been told that there are more Buddha images in Thailand than there are citizens. These images are wrapped in the same religious garb as that worn by monks

Thailand – One of my favorite things about the big, loud, crowded city of Bangkok are the many sanctuaries around town in which you can escape to get away from the bustle for a while

Thailand – A heavy storm approaches the rooftop pool of my apartment building

Thailand – My first consistent teaching position was when I volunteered to teach local Thai children at the public elementary school nearby where I lived while on my original undergraduate study abroad trip to country


China – I waited quite a long time before this giant panda got into just the right position for me in Chengdu


Cambodia – I rode a motorcycle outside of the south Cambodian town of Sihanoukville to the area of Ream, where I had the opportunity to observe the rural Khmers go about their everyday activities

Cambodia – A roadside home in Ream

Cambodia – Two children playing among the tall grasses

Cambodia – I had to pull over to allow this farmer to herd his buffalo down the road

Cambodia – A young boy takes a rest upon the back of a buffalo as the afternoon drifts by in Ream


Malaysia – Long Beach, one of the loveliest beaches in the Perhentian islands, off of which lie the most outstanding SCUBA diving sites I have ever encountered

Malaysia – A beach shack in the Perhentian Islands


Vietnam – Two women stroll down a rural path

Vietnam – A simple bridge on the outskirts of Hoi An


Laos – A peddler takes a water break in Vientiane

Laos – This man peddles household cleaning products in the streets of Vientiene


Israel – I attempt to blow into the Shofar (ram’s horn)

Israel – Some of northern Israel’s lush scenery

Israel – A watery reflection of one of the entrances to the tunnels alongside the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem


Singapore – A glimpse of the old and the new intermingling in downtown Singapore


India – My brother and I created a sand mandala for the Garba – dancing party – to precede his wedding in Gujarat